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Ravey Davey on stage with The Sisters in July 1996

When he toured with the band during their Roadkill Tour in 1996, Ravey Davey was the first full-time nurse ever

to The Sisters of Mercy's drum computer Doktor Avalanche.

The photo on the left is taken from Rodney's Old Photo Diary of Rodney Orpheus from The Cassandra

Complex, who has been good friends with Andrew Eldritch and sometimes visited The Sisters of Mercy

on tour in the 1990s.

Ravey Davey on stage with The Sisters of Mercy at Helter Skelter Festival, Happens Hof, Ochtrup, Germany on July 13th, 1996

Some additional information on that

tour is available at Goldkill 1996

on the wonderful Sisters Tours page.

More recently and after quite a long break, Ravey Davey took on nursing duties for

The Sisters of Mercy again during the summer gigs of 2012 after their long SISTERS XXX tour

at Belgrade Calling Festival, Serbia and Amphi Festival, Cologne, Germany.

He has since been on duty full time for all further tours and has become a regular member

of the band and the Doktor's nurse also beyond mere live performances.

Under his real name, Dave Creffield, Ravey Davey has been working for decades

as a sound engineer and music producer, among plenty others with the West Yorkshire

band Embrace.

History has it that in the early 1990s, Dave Creffield also worked inter alia as sound

engineer and production assistant with Jon Langford for the Leeds-based band CUD

on the occasion of their Asquarius album.

More recently, Ravey Davey did the drums on the song Destitute for Lisa Cuthbert,

on her 2013 digital album Paramour...

For some more information on Ravey Davey's musical activities, please check

his discography @discogs.

The Sisters of Mercy's most recent band photo, l.t.r: Ben Christo, Andrew Eldritch, Ravey Davey and Dylan Smith