Opus Dei

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Opus Dei - Cover (front)
Opus Dei - Cover (back) with vinyls

Wilhelm Leibl - Drei Frauen in der Kirche
Opus Dei - LP with Vinyls (overview)
Opus Dei - LP with Vinyls (grey labels with print)

A live-bootleg from the gigs in Sweden during The Sisters of Mercy's Armageddon Tour in 1985.

This bootleg exists on vinyl (2xLP) and on CD.

Release Notes

  • Label: Midnight Hour / CD: 1Q9
  • Catalogue#: 1201
  • Format: 2 x 12" vinly LP / CD
  • Released: LP - 1988 / CD - unknown


  • Soundboard recording, very good sound quality
  • The picture on the cover front is a b/w excerpt of the painting
Three Women In Church / Drei Frauen in der Kirche
from 1881 by German painter Wilhelm Leibl,
which is located since 1906 at Kunsthalle Hamburg.
Some facts about this painting can be found here (in German).
  • This bootleg exists in a 2LP-vinyl version and on CD.
  • Additional back cover notes:
Live-Production & Arrangements by Quasimodo & Hulk
Mixed by Dr. Alzheymer & Prof. Desolato
Edited by Morbus Korsakow for MIDNIGHT HOUR-Productions
MIDNIGHT HOUR is a registered trademark of the FRANKENSTEIN ENTERTAINMENT group of companies
Printed in Transylvania by VAMPIRE PRINT
"OPUS DEI" is a LIMITED EDITION of 700 copies (incl. 200 copies in red vinyl mixed with fresh blood)."
  • Black vinyls with plain white or grey labels, or with one label plain white and the other one pale white
  • No red vinyl has so far been seen on our part.

  • The CD-version comes with the same artwork on the cover front.
  • The above mentioned notes are omitted on the CD back cover.
Beyond that it shows the same photo and the same info as on the LP cover back.
but comes with Temple Of Love.
  • A fake CD-remake of the same title and the same content,
but with different artwork has also surfaced in online auctions, .
see pictures down below. The sound quality of this one is, however, not known.
  • Total CD Running Time: 63:05 min.


recorded live at Mudd Club, Gothenburg, Sweden 5/15/85

For recent price developments see sistersbootlegs/Opus Dei.

Track Lists

LP Tracks
CD Tracks
- according to CD -
A1   First And Last And Always 01   First And Last And Always         5:13
A2   Body And Soul 02   Body And Soul         3:30
A3   Marian      ---         ---
A4   No Time To Cry 03   No Time To Cry         4:28
B1   Possession 04   Possession         4:41
B2   Walk Away 05   Walk Away         4:05
B3   Emma 06   Emma         6:29
B4   Amphetamine Logic 07   Amphetamine Logic         4:01
C1   A Rock And A Hard Place 08   A Rock And A Hard Place         3:29
C2   Floorshow 09   Floorshow         4:03
C3   Alice 10   Alice         2:55
C4   Gimme Shelter 11   Gimme Shelter         6:46
D1   Ghostrider ---          ---
D2   Knockin' On Heaven's Door                           12   Knockin' On Heaven's Door                                   8:51
D3   Train ---          ---
--- 13   Temple Of Love         4:32

Additional Pictures

- Please click into files for larger views -


Opus Dei - LP Cover (back)
Opus Dei - Vinyls (1 x plain white label + 1 x plain grey label)


Opus Dei - CD Cover (back)
Opus Dei - Disc
Opus Dei - CD Cover (front)

Fake CD

Opus Dei - Fake CD Cover (back)
Opus Dei - Fake CD (front) With Disc