Munich Tonhalle 2022

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Munich TonHalle 2022 - CD Cover (front inlay)
Munich TonHalle 2022 - CD Cover (front)

An audience recording from The Sisters of Mercy's Spring Tour in 2022 after two years of coronavirus lockdowns.

Already nine new songs written during that long forced break had made it onto the setlist and enormously improved in performance.

In addition, the sound quality of the initial video recordings was so good that creating some portable MP3-files on that basis seemed only reasonable ... for the time being.


at TonHalle in Munich, Bavaria, Germany

   Recording Notes Remarks Band/Line-up
   ●  Taper (video): Silence Blue  ●  Compilation and conversion by conraculix
   ●  Position: front row, quite in the middle        ●  Very good sound quality.
   ●  Format: data (MP3s) converted from  ●  The venue is known for particularly good acoustics.      
    a three-part full show video * This is a fanbase production.
   ●  Equipment: -unknown-  ●  Cover art by Planet Dave      
   ●  Lineage: * Circulated: April 2022
    --> conversion of video files to MP3
    --> track splitting

Track List

Munich Tonhalle 2022 - CD Cover (back)