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A Brief Overview

The Sisters of Mercy are a rock band that came out of the British post punk scene in 1980-1981.

The band cited Leonard Cohen, The Stooges, Suicide and Motörhead as among their influences. The group has made three original studio albums, of which the last was released in 1990.

Since then, the band is kept alive as a touring outfit. The only original member to survive the band's lineup changes is singer and songwriter Andrew Eldritch (even Doktor Avalanche, the drum-machine, is not an original member). All of the other original members had left the group by 1985, the same year as their first studio album, First And Last And Always, was released. At the time of the second Sisters album, the majestic Floodland (1987), The Sisters were essentially a studio-bound outfit, although by the time of Vision Thing (1990) Eldritch had again formed a fully-working band to take the album on the road. That incarnation was short-lived. Nonetheless, the band have been touring regularly with stable long-time varieties of personnel ever since.

The Sisters of Mercy are one of the most popular and influential bands among the gothic rock scene, although since the late 1980s Eldritch has tried to disassociate both himself and the band from that scene.

Recent Events

Under the title of Ocean To Ocean The Sisters started a world-wide tour in Autumn 2008 with 26 concerts in the USA continued from February 2009 on
as Mechanised Europe with a further 40 gigs all over Europe, including Russia, the Middle East (Lebanon, Israel) and South America (Argentina, Brazil, Peru).

2010 saw a short summer tour called Europe 2010 with a gig at The Assembly in Leamington Spa, England followed by three festival appearances
at Lokerse Feesten, Belgium, M'era Luna Festival, Germany and a final concert on August 13that the Artmania Festival in Sibiu (Hermannstadt), Romania.

For 2011, The Sisters got up to their SISTERS XXX 30th Stage Anniversary Tour all over Europe and a series of first performances in New Zealand and Australia.
The latter got however postponed to February/March 2012. For the dates of these as well as for further Tourdates in 2012 please see the Current Events page.

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