Knocking On Heavens Door (bootleg)

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Knocking On Heavens Door - Cover (front)

A 2LP live bootleg of The Sisters Of Mercy's gig at Maxim Gorki, Stuttgart in November 1984

with plenty comments of Eldritch during the show ...

Release Notes

  • Catalogue#: MR-185-2, 3206
  • Format: 2 x 12" vinyl LP
  • Runouts:
Record 1: 2 - L - 10 - A / 2 - L - 10 - B
Record 2: 2 - L - 11 - A / 2 - L - 11 - B
  • Released: 1985


  • Issued in two editions
  • The first edition has a black sticker "Stuttgart, Maxim, November 12, 1984" on the cover back.
  • It comes with plain white labels on the vinyls.
Knocking On Heavens Door - Cover (back) - with sticker
  • There are plenty mistakes on the backsleeve of both editions:
- Marian is spelled Marianne
- A Rock And A Hard Place is not mentioned
- Train is listed as Dreams
- Floorshow is given as Floor Show
- Knockin' On Heaven's Door is spelled Knocking On Heavens Door.
  • Anyway, this bootleg is Dedicated to all the Sister lovers.

Knocking On Heavens Door - First edition cover (front) with the two records

Knocking On Heavens Door - 2nd Edition Cover (back) - no sticker

  • The second edition has the bandname spelt wrongly Sisters of Mersey
  • This edition does also come with phantasy track titles and the wrongly spelt name
on the labels (see the track list and the pictures of the labels down below).
  • Where the first edition has a black sticker on the cover back,
giving the day and place of the recording - "Stuttgart, Maxim, November 12, 1984"
the second edition has the very same information just printed on the back of the cover.

There are several further bootlegs with a more or less similar title such as

also known as In Concert At The Royal Albert Hall
recorded live at Docks, Hamburg on November 17th, 1990
  • More recently, a CD-version of the present bootleg has surfaced in online auctions,
most likely a rip from the LP, see the picture on the right side.

Track List

Knocking On Heavens Door - 2nd Edition Cover (front) with vinyls
Knocking On Heavens Door - recent CD-version - likely ripped from the LP
Record One
Side A Title on label of 2nd edition                      Duration
A1   Burn It's Out    3:20
A2   Heartland Why Old-Lime    3:50
A3   Marian If You Can See Me    6:00
A4   Walk Away                                     Walk    4:00

Side B
B1   Body And Soul Willing And Tears                                           4:10
B2   No Time To Cry                                  Waist    4:30
B3   Anaconda Jewish    3:35
B4   Emma Seven Sea    6:30

Record Two
Side C
C1   A Rock And A Hard Place                   Rockin Heart    3:35
C2   Train Sqeam    3:10
C3   Floorshow Listen To The Voice    4:00
C4   Alice King-Like Words    3:40
C5   Body Electric This Is The Stone Of The Word                         4:50

Side D
D1   Gimme Shelter This Is The Shadow    6:00
D2   Knockin' On Heaven's Door                  Knock, Knock, Knocking                             5:30
D3   Sister Ray Just A Big Noise    6:10

For recent price developments see sistersbootlegs/Knocking On Heavens Door

Additional Pictures

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Knocking On Heavens Door
- 2nd Edition Label Side A
Knocking On Heavens Door
- 2nd Edition Label Side B
Knocking On Heavens Door
- 2nd Edition Label Side C
Knocking On Heavens Door
- 2nd Edition Label Side D