Ice To The Eskimos

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Ice To The Eskimos - Cover (front)

One of the surge of vinyl bootlegs from Australia that started arising in 2015.

This page is Work in Progress and going to be extended as soon as ever possible

Release Notes

  • Catalogue#: MN-84
  • Format: 12" vinyl LP
  • Released: 2015 - 2018 (Australia)
  • Runouts (etched): MN-84 A / MN-84 B


  • Soundboard recording - excellent sound quality
  • Initially released in three colours of vinyl - white, clear orange (yellow) and clear green -
These were allegedly limited to 100 (at first, but then 150) copies each and were packed into brown-tinted picture sleeves.
All the transparent colour vinyls came with more or less impacting black stains
and had black head & star logo labels with otherwise only the side indicators "A" and/or "B" on them.
  • A second issue followed but came with an insert. (2015)
  • The vinyls were later on in the same year also sold as three-colour sets.
  • 2016 saw another limited release of various marbled colour versions, all in the same brown-tinted sleeve as before,
but with plain black labels. Each colour was (allegedly) produced in a very small quantity.
- dark pink marbled, purple marbled, mauve marbled
  (basically all the same under different descriptions)
- blue marbled, grey marbled, white marbled
 (likewise these look so similar that it seems more a matter of describing individual copies)
- olive marbled
  • In 2017, the first edition colours with head and star logo labels returned
now coming with an insert (partly with a yellow "limited edition on coloured vinyl" sticker)
and in a more green tinted picture sleeve.
  • Meanwhile, the three-colour set prevailed just as much as all earlier editions.
  • In 2018 a limited edition of unknown numbers of coloured vinyls with plain white labels appeared.
The only vinyl colour of this issue we have seen so far is purple marbled. Stored in brown-tinted
picture sleeve, no insert
  • We guess it can savely be assumed that some combinations of vinyls and covers were put together more
or less coincidentially and do not mark an edition on their own. In particular, because with time progressing
ever more copies of this bootleg were sold not from Australia, but from the US, from the UK and from Greece ...
which, btw, was the point when we just denied following any further "releases" of this (or any other "Australian")
bootleg for a while. And it's still getting worse ...

Ice To The Eskimos - Cover (back)


For recent price develoments see popsike/Ice To The Eskimo

Ice To The Eskimos - b/w insert coming with 2nd edition

Track List

Side 1

Body And Soul
Walk Away

Side 2

Body Electric
Gimme Shelter
Sister Ray

Aditional Pictures

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