House Of Reptiles

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A bootleg from The Sisters of Mercy's Black October Tour in 1984.

House Of Reptiles - Cover (front)

Release Notes

  • Label: none, a fan-club release
  • Catalogue#: - none -
  • Format: 12" vinyl LP
  • Released: unknown

This bootleg exists in three editions.

First edition

  • The first edition was limited to 50 copies of which not all have been distributed.
  • These copies are hand-numbered on the back cover and on the vinyl labels.
  • Plain yellow labels on black vinyl with hand-numbering in silver letters.
  • Originally, these vinyls were pressed for a re-issue of the 2LP-bootleg A Black Pack,
    but remained unused.
  • Comes in a plain white cover with a b/w-xerox glued to the cover front and back, resp.
  • Apparently, the covers for this edition were also remains from another release,
    as they have a red stamp on the back noting "limited edition of 100 copies".
    This stamp is hidden, however, by the b/w-xerox glued to the back sleeve,
    but it shines through the xerox when you look at it under a strong lamp.

House Of Reptiles - Front(overview with yellow-label black vinyl)

Second Release

  • The second edition comes in a normal white card sleeve without the red stamp on the back.
  • This re-release is numbered on the yellow labels of the vinyl lp.
  • The quantites of this edition are not known.

Third Issue

  • The third edition was produced by a private seller.
  • The labels are identical with the blue-eye labels of A Black Pack.
  • The quality of the b/w-xeroxes used is remarkably low.


For recent price developments see sistersbootlegs/House of Reptiles or popsike/houseofreptiles.

Track List

Side A Side B
A1   Body Electric B1   Heartland
A2   Adrenochrome                                                            B2   No Time To Cry
A3   Ghostrider B3   Anaconda
A4   Burn B4   Train
B5   Marian - noted as MARIANE
B6 - Walk Away

Additional Pictures

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House Of Reptiles - Cover (back) with vinyl
and hand-numbering on the label
House Of Reptiles - Cover (back with limited-edition stamp shining through)