Heidelberg, Rhein Neckar Halle, 22 November 1990

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Hand-numbered stamp on the cover back
Heidelberg, Rhein Neckar Halle, 22 November 1990
- First edition with generic white cover (front) -

One of only four Live Bootlegs on vinyl

featuring a concert from The Sisters of Mercy's

1990 Tour Thing 1, also known as "Live In Heidelberg".

Release Notes

  • Label: No Man
  • Catalogue#: NM-1
  • Format: 12" vinyl LP
  • Run-out grooves: NM-1 A, NM-1 B
  • Released: 1991


at Rhein-Neckar-Halle, Heidelberg, Germany
  • The present recording of this concert is incomplete
and most likely based on an audience recording.
The missing songs include the intro Afterhours,
First And Last And Always, Body And Soul, Detonation Boulevard,
Flood II, Valentine, Amphetamine Logic, Gimme Shelter, Jolene, Something Fast
and maybe Marian, though, the latter was not confirmed on the setlist.
Heidelberg, Rhein Neckar Halle, 22 November 1990
- Generic white cover and vinyl (overview)
  • Several live bootleg-CDs of this concert do exist as well, see Black Visions,
The Ohm, Visions Of Death and Disc 1 of the 2CD bootleg Black Album

Heidelberg, Rhein Neckar Halle, 22 November 1990
- First Edition with generic white cover (back)
  • Comes in a generic sleeve with a silver printed black sheet centrally glued to the front.
The basic sleeve has so far been seen in three colours: white, brown and dark brown.
and was possibly copied directly from there.
  • Beyond that there is a track list in a rectangle underneath, giving also the total running times of each side of the record. Lucretia, My Reflection is, however, listed merely as Lucretia.
  • The labels show a No Man logo, that is a b/w inverted close-up picture of an eye with the letters "NO MAN" underneath (see the pictures on the left and down below). They are numbered (Side I / Side II), but do not give any information about the track titles or the running times of the songs.


This bootleg was released in at least two edtions.

  • The first edition is limited to 500 hand-numbered copies.
  • All copies are stamped in purple colour with an small image of a grinning Joker holding a Batman mask.
Underneath this picture the number of the record is filled in in handwriting in a blank space like:
It seems to be more than just an extraordinary coincidence that the same stamp was used to number part of the second edition of the bootleg The Grief before.
  • The second edition is allegedly also limited, this time to 1000 copies.
  • Allthough, the cover is widely identical to the one of the 1st edition,
it has no stamp or numbering on the cover back.

Track List

Side A Side B
A1   Lucretia, My Reflection B1   Alice
A2   Ribbons                                                              B2   This Corrosion
A3   Dominion/Mother Russia B3   Temple Of Love
A4   Heartland B4   Vision Thing
A5   Doctor Jeep
       Total running time: 23min 43sec.        Total running time: 23min 44sec.

For recent price developments see sistersbootlegs/Rhein-Neckar Halle or popsike/Heidelberg.

Additional Pictures

- Please click into files for larger views -

Heidelberg, Rhein Neckar Halle
- Label (Side I)
Heidelberg, Rhein Neckar Halle
- Label (Side II)
Heidelberg, Rhein Neckar Halle, 22 November 1990
- Generic brown cover and vinyl (overview)
Heidelberg, Rhein Neckar Halle, 22 November 1990
- Front cover sheet -
Heidelberg, Rhein Neckar Halle, 22 November 1990
- Track list on paper glued to the front cover
Vinyl in black inner sleeve