Green Eldritch

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Green Eldritch - Cover (front)
Green Eldritch - Cover (back)

The 'Green Eldritch' is a double-LP containing various tracks from 1983 through to 1985.

The name of the bootleg comes from the cover art, showing a black-on-green picture of Eldritch up to a microphone.

This bootleg doesn't have a real title, however.

Release Notes

  • Label: 12 Tracks Records
  • Catalogue#: 12TR01, 12TR02
  • Format: 2 Vinyl LP
  • Date and Place of Release: 1987 (USA)


  • Pressed in Italy
  • Limited Edition of 50 copies for worldwide sales abroad
  • Copies of this LP seem fairly hard to come by, and the price for them reaches into the hundreds.
  • The front cover art picture is a tinted screenshot from the official video Wake;
according to this You Tube publication, the screenshot would have been taken at 3:01,
see also the pictures down below...


For recent price developments of the double-LP see sistersbootlegs/Green Eldritch

Track List

Record One

A1   Burn B1   Floorshow
A2   Heartland B2   Adrenochrome
A3   Body And Soul                                           B3   Alice
A4   Anaconda B4   Some Kind Of Stranger
A5   Walk Away B5   First And Last And Always

Record Two

C1   Body Electric D1   Temple Of Love
C2   Gimme Shelter D2   Jolene
C3   Ghostrider / Sister Ray                                D3   Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! (A Man After Midnight)
D4   Teachers / Adrenochrome

Additional Pictures

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Label Side 1
Label Side 2
Label Side 3
Label Side 4

Simulating the creation of the coverart

The Wake - Screenshot
The Wake - Screenshot (tinted)
The Wake - Screenshot (cropped)