Fri, 29-Jun-2012

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Belgrade Calling 2012, Ušće, New Belgrade, Serbia

The first gig after the Sisters XXX 30th Stage Anniversary shows in 2011/2012,

see also Summer 2012.

For this festival, The Sisters of Mercy were allocated an


scheduled for late at night 1:30 am as the final gig of the event.

After all, The Sisters did play from 2:45 - 4:00 am on June, 30th already.

An audience recording from this concert is in circulation among the fanbase.

The new Sisters 2012 Tour T-shirts were introduced at this event as well,

see the picture further down ...

For reviews and comments, please visit this thread on Heartland Forum...


  1. Crash And Burn
  2. Ribbons
  3. Train / Detonation Boulevard ... just to get an impression ...
    2012 Tour Shirt (front / back)
  4. First And Last And Always
  5. Amphetamine Logic
  6. Gift That Shines
  7. No Time To Cry
  8. Arms
  9. Dominion/Mother Russia  -   including a message to the Serbian fans
  10. Summer
  11. Alice
  12. This Corrosion
  13. More
  14. Flood II
  15. Something Fast
  16. Lucretia, My Reflection
  17. Top Nite Out
  18. Vision Thing
  19. Temple Of Love