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Frankfurt 2022 - Alternative CD Cover (front)
Frankfurt 2022 - CD Cover (front)

An audience recording from the Spring Tour in 2022 after two years of corona lockdowns.

This recording includes the first live performance of The Sisters of Mercy's new song There's A Door.

Recording Notes

  • Taper: - N.N.
  • Position: unknown
  • Format: data (FLACs)
  • Lineage:
--> recorded with a mobile phone
--> Audacity --> FLACs
  • Circulated: April 2022


Standard CD Cover (Inlay) for the year 2022


  • This is a fanbase production.
This live recording comes with an alternative cover art for the front side,
subtitled Creatures of Tinsel and Gauze, see above on the left and the right side.

EBay Forbidden text.jpg


Track List

Frankfurt 2022 - CD Cover (back)