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The The Sisters Of Mercy's second album was titled Floodland.

Floodland - Cover Artwork (Front)
Floodland - Inlay

Floodland and its accompanying singles This Corrosion,

Dominion and Lucretia were preceded by a press statement

from Merciful Release, which can be found under A Short History.

The album was accompanied by videos for This Corrosion,

Sandstorm/Dominion, Lucretia and 1959.

In 1989, the video compilation Shot was released featuring all of

these vids. They are also included in the revised video collection Shot Rev 2.0 .

Further information on the production and release of Floodland

can be found at wikipedia.en and wikipedia.de

Track Lists

Floodland - 2006 Reissue CD Cover (Back)

Vinyl LP

Side 1
Side 2
1. Dominion/Mother Russia                               5. This Corrosion
2. Flood I 6. Flood II
3. Lucretia 7. Driven Like The Snow
4. 1959 8. Never Land (a fragment)

Bonus Tracks

CD Cassette                2006 Reissue CD
Torch / Colours                   Colours Torch / Colours / Never Land (full version) / Emma

Floodland - Warner / Pioneer Japan Edition

Recording Notes

except Dominion/Mother Russia by Eldritch/Steinman

Band/Recording Personnel
as credited on the inner sleeve:

Note: The album was originally launched on 13 November 1987.

  Label   Catalogue#                     Format   Year      Country         Notes
  Merciful Release / WEA   MR 441L   12" Vinyl LP   1987   UK   first edition with gatefold lyrics sheet
  Merciful Release / WEA   MR 441CD / 242246-2   CD   1987   UK   with the two bonus tracks Torch and Colours
  Merciful Release / WEA   MR 441C   Cassette   1987   UK   also featuring Torch
  Merciful Release / WEA   MR441LTD   12" Vinyl LP, ltd. edition    1987   UK   with numbered sleeve and gatefold picture lyrics sheet
  Warner / Pioneer   P-13612   12" Vinyl LP   1987   Japan   Japanese picture lyric sheet, picture sleeve & obi-strip P-13612
  Elektra   60762-1   12" Vinyl LP   1987   USA   some copies on High Quality Audiophile Vinyl
  Elektra   60762-2   CD (partly in long box)   1987   USA   with the two bonus tracks Torch and Colours
  Elektra   60762-2   Cassette   1987   USA   shorter versions of This Corrosion and Driven Like The Snow
  WEA   22321   12" Vinly LP   1987   Canada   shorter versions of This Corrosion and Driven Like The Snow
  WEA   CD   Australia   includes Torch (directly after Driven Like The Snow) and Colours
  WEA   Cassette   Australia   includes Torch (directly after Driven Like The Snow)
  WEA Records Ltd.   244053-3   VHS Video Compilation   1988   UK   Title: Shot - features all the videos around the Floodland album
  Merciful Release / WEA / Rhino UK      5101-17580-2   CD   2006   UK   with two further bonus tracks - Never Land (full length) and Emma

NOTE: For further releases see discogs/Floodland

Floodland - Release Announcement


  • The 2006 reissue had, for the first time, the full demo version of Never Land.
    In the past, a full length demo had surfaced, but that was an instrumental.
    This new version comes complete with vocals.
  • Possible reasons for not including the other B-Sides from Dominion could be:
1. There wasn't enough space on the CD or
2. Sandstorm / Untitled had already been featured on a charity compilation CD in the early 90's.

Additional Pictures

For plenty further pictures of all releases, please see The Ultimate Sisters Guide / Floodland.

Floodland - Elektra US CD Longbox Edition
Floodland - Elektra Cassette Cover (Front)