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Euthanasia - CD Cover (front)
Euthanasia - CD Cover (back)

Euthanasia was recorded at the Roskilde Festival, Denmark.
The sound quality is quite good and comparable in quality to the Visions At The Forum bootleg on most tracks.

The label/distributer is listed as Rupert 9653.
There is also a small image of Rupert The Bear on the back cover!

"Hi, we're Echo & The Vervemen" (The Verve had cancelled their slot on the main stage, so
The Sisters played the second stage instead of Rammstein who replaced the Verve as headline act)

Track listing

  1. Afterhours
  2. Ribbons
  3. Come Together
  4. Train/Detonation Boulevard
  5. Amphetamine Logic
  6. War On Drugs
  7. Giving Ground
  8. We Are The Same, Susanne
  9. On The Wire / Teachers (listed as "On the wire/teachers on the wire")
  10. Will I Dream?
  11. Dominion/Mother Russia (feedback/error at start)
  12. Summer
  13. Anaconda
  14. Flood II (loud scream by a female member of the crowd midway!)
  15. This Corrosion

Note: Track numbering is one forward to listing as Afterhours and Ribbons are not separated.

Any better pictures were very welcome!!!