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Tour Dates 2018/2019 and further news

No gigs have been announced for this year, and it does not look like that would possibly change.

An overview of the recent Sisters Tour in 2017 can be found under this link. For your entertainment

and information you might also want to take a look at our Gigography.

The more we are pleased to announce that The Sisters of Mercy

are playing some festival gigs in Summer 2019.

Please check for details below...

Beyond that, we love to inform you about the current pledge release of the Sisters Biography

by Mark Andrews. Click on the title to find out more about this great project down below.

Paint My Name In Black And Gold

The Sisters of Mercy 2019

None of these concerts are confirmed from the beach as yet.

Hellfest Saturday.JPG

- HELLFEST 2019 - Clisson (near Nantes) - France - Saturday, 22 June 2019 -


The first time ever that The Sisters of Mercy play a festival gig in France!!!

HELLFEST is a mega three-day rock, metal and punk festival with six different stages.

The Sisters of Mercy are scheduled for DAY 2 on the Temple Stage.

The complete line-up of DAY 2 on all six stages can be viewed here.
For full information about the entire event, please check the main festival website.

A first run of ticket sales is already through. Three-day tickets are no longer
available and sold out within two hours. However, according to the organisers
one-day ticket sales will be announced in 2019. Be quick then ...

You might also try to find a ticket along the online ticket exchange Ticketswap
under this link (all in French)...

A Heartland Forum thread for this event has been created.

Please check under SISTERS for Hellfest 22/6/19.

Open Air Am Hamburger Grossmarkt.JPG

- HAMMABURG FEST 2019 - Am Grossmarkt - Hamburg - Germany - Friday, 16 August -

The Sisters of Mercy at HAMMABURG FEST Festival - Logo 2019

The concert has just been announced on the organisers' website

and The Sisters of Mercy are the only band announced so far.

Confirmation from The Sisters own Live News Page is still due ...

Ticket sales have already started and tickets can be pre-ordered from this link.

On the following Saturday, a further open air event named Elbriot Festival 2019

takes place in the same location. Kombitickets for both events are available.

Entrance at HAMMABURG FEST from 5pm.

A thread @The Heartland Forums for communications and discussion is here

under Sisters@ Hammaburg festival (Hamburg) 16-08-2019.

Sisters Biography

The long-awaited Sisters biography written by Mark Andrews is in its final stages for release in the form of a pledge campaign.

Paint My Name In Black And Gold

The book concentrates on the first five years of The Sisters of Mercy and will be published by Unbound. It will also be available in ebook format.

All details about the pledge campaign, the book and some further information are available @The Heartland Forums here.

Quotes from the author

Paint My Name In Black And Gold is the story of the first five years of The Sisters of Mercy.

In that time The Sisters rose from being local heroes in Leeds, to one of the premier alternative bands in the UK and Europe, before blowing apart on the verge of major rock stardom. Their path was strewn with brilliant singles, exceptional EPs, extraordinary album tracks and legendary live shows...

To make the book happen, Sisters fans and the Sisters-curious need to pledge. There are different ways to do that. When the minimum amount of advance funding reaches the magic “100%”, the result will be a beautiful book charting the first five years of the band. So I really need your help to share The Sisters’ story. When you pledge, your name will be printed in the book and there are all sorts of rewards for you to enjoy too.

If we don’t reach that level, the reality is that there will be no book.

So there's plenty reason you really shouldn't miss this wonderful project!!!

Join the pledge campaign at Unbound/The Sisters of Mercy/Paint My Name In Black And Gold.

Upcoming developments will be listed here as usual and as soon as we get aware of them.

Updates are also available either here or in The Heartland Forums' Sisters Chat, or (in German) at poison-door-net...

Anyway, we recommend you keep an eye on what's INCOMING (The Sisters' Twitter account) ... ;-) ... and on The Sisters of Mercy's Official Live News Page ...

To organise meet-ups before any gigs go to either Heartland or, for the German-speaking community, to Poison Door.

For information about earlier tours of The Sisters of Mercy, please check Sisters Tours or the SistersWiki Gigography.

We're always looking forward to seeing you again !!!