Colours In Carnage (2LP)

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Colours In Carnage - LP cover (front)

A live-bootleg from The Sisters 1984 Black October Tour, originally released on CD in 1990...

Release Notes

  • Label: Ghostrider Records/Duck Production
  • Format: 2 x coloured 12" vinyl LP
  • Catalogue#: SOM-LP1
  • Release Date: 2003


  • Very good sound quality - soundboard recording
  • Issued in at least two editions, the first one of which is a limited edition of 200 copies
  • Available in 4 different colours and various combinations of these colours
    see Different Releases / Known Vinyl Colour Variations down below ...
  • The labels are black with only the alphabetical side numbering in a very baroque Gothic print.
A variety with red labels on record 1 and black labels on record 2 are said to exist as well.
Evidence for these could, however, not be found so far.

  • Some copies of record 1 have the labels on the wrong side.
  • The track lists for sides A-C on the cover back are wrongly shifted by one song. Please compare the track lists and the back of the cover ...
  • The production and release dates on the cover (1990/1985) do not reflect the actual time of release for these vinyls (2002/3).
  • There is a test pressing, however, which gives a 2003 date for the pressing on the labels.

Doktor Avalanche in malfunction

A few times only did Doktor Avalanche malfunction to an extent that the band had to cancel a song and as it seems,
Colours in Carnage is the only document on vinyl of an incident as such on stage. Here is a brief description of the events:

Right at the beginning of Burn, which was the opening track on that day, Doktor Avalanche suddenly stopped. This happened three times in a row.
So the band decided to go on with the next song and performed Heartland. But during the long final chorus Doktor Avalanche began to play some
irregular beats and the band abandoned that song as well.

Andrew commented:
"We‘ve got to attend to our machinery for a while. It's deedless.”

Then, as the audience became fretful, someone else on stage said:
“Listen! You can get these songs the right way and you can get them the wrong way.

If you wait ten minutes, we'll get them the right way. So I suggest, you shut up for a while and talk amongst yourselves!"

The (ten) minutes it took to attend to Doktor Avalanche are, of course, omitted on the record.

Before the band restarted their performance Andrew apologized:
"Sorry about that. Let's hope it works. Nobody wants this.”

Then they played the whole song of Burn and a shortened reprise of Heartland - just the last verse and the final chorus.
And afterwards in terms of machinery, the concert continued in the usual way.


Colours In Carnage - LP cover (back)

Track List

Record 1
A1   Burn B1   No Time To Cry
A2   Heartland B2   Anaconda
A3   Burn B3   Emma
A4   Marian       B4   A Rock And A Hard Place                           
A5   Walk Away                                       B5   Train

Record 2
C1   Floorshow D1   Knockin' On Heaven's Door
C2   Alice D2   Adrenochrome
C3   Body Electric       D3   Ghostrider / Sister Ray
C4   Gimme Shelter                                 

Different Releases / Known Vinyl Colour Variations known so far

  • Factually known are green, medium blue, also light blue, white, and pink vinyls all of which are slightly marbled
  • The first edition consists of either 2 x green, 2 x blue, 2 x white or 2 x pink vinyls, all in a slightly marbled tint with (most likely) black labels.
  • Following editions combine these colours. Known combinations so far are:
    record 1 white, record 2 pink and record 1 pink, record 2 green.
    Possibly, this was also the moment when red labels on record 1 came in.

For recent price developments see sistersbootlegs/coloursincarnage or popsike/coloursincarnage.

Additional Pictures

- Please click into pictures for larger views -

Colours In Carnage
- slightly marbled blue vinyl
Colours In Carnage
- slightly marbled lightblue vinyl
Colours In Carnage
- slightly marbled mint-green vinyl
Colours In Carnage
- slightly marbled white vinyl
Colours In Carnage
- slightly marbled pink vinyl
Colours In Carnage - original edition, two different sets,
 one with green/lightblue, one with blue/lightblue vinyls
Colours In Carnage - Set with white and pink vinyls
This is the only evidence for some red labels found so far.
Colours In Carnage - Set with pink and green vinyls