Black Planet (Polish Picture Postcard Flexi)

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Henryk Sienkiewicz Polish Picture Postcard Flexi (front) - Black Planet

Another Polish sound postcard.

Release Notes

  • Label: - unknown -
  • Catalogue#: - none -
  • Format: sound postcard
  • Released: most likely in the late 1980s or early 1990s (Poland)


Side 1 (front side) - Black Planet


  • This flexis comes in a white standard envelope and appears to be a picture postcard
dedicated to the Polish writer and Nobel Prize laureate Henryk Sienkiewicz  
(5 May 1846 – 15 November 1916), who is best known for his novel Quo Vadis  .
  • The track title is typed on a sticker in Polish language on the back of the card
saying: SISTERS OF MERCY and below that: CZARNA PLANETA (i.e. Black Planet)
  • Postcard flexis regularly play at 33 ⅓ rpm and are recorded only on the front side.
The recording is in mono.
  • Like many other postcards in the world, this flexis has various pictures on the front page
all of which are explained in Polish language on the back as follows:
  Palacyk w Oblegorku z koncy XIX w.   Estate in Oblegorek from the end of the 19th century
  - dar nardowy dla pisarza z okazji   - a gift to the writer on the occasion of the
  jubileuszu 25-lecia prac pisarskiej - obecnie Muzeum            25th jubilee of his writing - now a museum
  Henryka Sienkiewicza. K. Szmyt   Henryk Sienkiewicz by K. Szmyt
  - portret Sienkiewicza, ok. 1899 r.   - portrait of Sienkiewicz, around 1899
  (ze zbiorow Ignacego Mosia).   (from the collection of Ignacy Mosia).
  Dworek w Woli Okrzeskiej   Manor house in Wola Okrzeska
  - miejsce urodzenia pisarza - obecnie muzeum.   - the writer's place of birth - now a museum.
  Awers i rewers medalu wybitego w 1900 r   Obverse and reverse of the medal coined in 1900
  z okazji julieuszu pisarza.   on the occasion of Sienkiewicz' jubilee as a writer.
  Sepet pchodzacy z Hiszpanii, w tle tkanina kultowa   Intarsia commode from Spain, in the background a tapestry
  - pamiatka z prodozy do Turcji.   - a souvenir from a journey to Turkey.
  List do Antoniego Osuchowskiego. Biurko pisarza.   Letter to Antoni Osuchowski. Writer's desk.
  Zegar w wg proj. Stanislawa Witkiewicza   Clock according to the design of Stanisław Witkiewicz
  - dar zegarmistrza z Waszawy.   - a gift from a watchmaker from Warsaw.
  Eksponaty ze zbiorow   Exhibits from the collection
  Muzeum Henryka Sienkiewicaz w Oblegorku   of the Henry Sienkiewicz Museum in Oblegorek
  lot. D. Gladysz - KAW.A. Johann, K. Jablonski.   flight. D. Gladysz - KAW.A. Johann, K. Jablonski.
  A. Zborski, P. Krassowski   A. Zborski, P. Krassowski
  Wszekie prawa zastrzezone   All rights reserved


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