Black Moon

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Black Moon - Cover (front)

A bootleg from The Sisters of Mercy's Black October Tour in 1984.

Release Notes

  • Label: Down Black Records Ltd
  • Catalog#: SR 7690
  • Format: 12" Vinyl LP
  • Released: 1988 (UK)


  • The vinyls come with plain white or printed red, blue or yellow labels.
Some copies have a plain white label on one side and a printed coloured one on the other side.
The image on the printed labels is taken from the album The Game
released by the English new wave band Echo & the Bunnymen in 1987.
  • Adrenochrome is listed as 'Sisters Of Mercy' on the sleeve.
  • The recording date is also wrongly stated as 1985 instead of 1984.


Black Moon - Cover (back)

Track List

Side 1

Side 2

Additional Pictures

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Black Moon - Red label
Black Moon - Orange label
Black Moon - Blue label
Black Moon - Yellow label

Black Moon - White label
Black Moon - Detail of the printed label

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