Acoustics From The Beehive

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A CD Bootleg with a compilation of Sisters demos subtitled Portastudio Demos/Floodland Demos.
These tracks differ considerably from the officially
released songs.

Release Notes

  • Label: Beehive
  • Format: CD
  • Catalogue#: 184 BEE
  • Date and place of release: 1992 (Korea)


Acoustics From The Beehive Disc
Tracks Duration
01   Valentine #1    4:18
02   Body Politic    2:47
03   Lights    5:20
04   Anaconda    3:05
05   Driver    3:17
06   Good Things    4:00
07   Phantom    3:01
08   Burn aka Burn It Down    2:53
09   Kiss The Carpet aka Burn (instrumental)                            5:31
10   Valentine #2    4:10
11   Flood I    1:12
12   Lucretia, My Reflection    2:16
13   Never Land (full version)    7:38
14   Untitled II    6:53
15   Driven Like The Snow    3:24
16   Flood II    3:32

Remarks about the individual tracks

  • Valentine #1 and #2 are both very similar, but clearly at different pitches. Possibly just EQed differently.
  • Body Politic is an early version of Fix.
  • Lights is an early version of the Reptile House song, the guitar sounding more distorted. The demo seems to originate from the Floorshow EP bootleg.
  • Anaconda has a different drumbeat, sounds far more positive, and is just Andrew singing and Gary playing.
  • Driver is an unreleased song. The first two lines are the same two found in Heartland, and the rest of the song is about how they'll drive away, at high speed down the highway, not caring about anything.
  • Good Things is the slower mix.
  • Phantom is shorter than the Anaconda/Alice version, lasting only three minutes.
  • Burn It Down is an unreleased track. It's possibly just an early version of Burn. The drumbeat is slightly different (the characteristic Burn drumbeat does play once or twice at the end), and the only part of this song officially released was a few lines, recycled as the backwards part of Burn)
  • Kiss The Carpet is an instrumental take of Burn starting from about halfway through the first verse.
  • Flood I is in fact a demo version of Flood II
  • Lucretia is a demo, the vocals seem little more than an amplified whisper.
  • Never Land is the fabled "long version", sounding VERY different from the Floodland track, and lasting 7:38 min.(!)
  • Untitled is not the Dominion (single) track, but an incredible 7-minute almost acoustic-sounding guitar and drum instrumental. It has been rumoured, parts were used for quieter guitar parts in This Corrosion or that it is even an early version of I Was Wrong (despite sounding completely different!).
  • Driven Like The Snow is a VERY different sounding instrumental take, often titled Snowdriver.
  • Flood II is in fact a demo of Flood I.

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