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The Sisters of Mercy playing Leeds Warehouse in 1983
- from left: Craig Adams, Andrew Eldritch, Gary Marx, Ben Gunn

Warehouse, Leeds, England

So far there is nothing much known about this gig apart from the fact that it indeed took place.

A while ago, we detected this lovely blog, which we thought had some photos from the gig ... :-))) *

and yes, we couldn't resist to upload one of these here ...

Our thanks for the link go to our 1AAA researcher snowdriver, who digged it all up.

 * Unfortunately, we have found, that these photos are in fact not from the present gig, but hell,

   this one here looks so pretty, that we just keep it ... ;-)) ...

Most recently, this concert got mentioned in a long interview feature by Mark Andrews in The Quietus.

We deeply encourage you to check out this entertaining and highly informing read under

Life Before Alice: Andrew Eldritch, Leeds & The Birth of The Sisters of Mercy...

Performing Personnel / The Band

Any further information about this concert - like for example the setlist or a ticket -

is always very much appreciated.

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